Consolidated Hydraulic Panel – CHP1500-2400

The CHP 1500-2400 Consolidated Hydraulic Panel is an exquisitely built hydraulic component group which combines Quantum QC1500-QC2400 fin stabilizer system accumulators, centering pumps, and filters into a flexible installation package. Mounting and plumbing each hull unit’s hydraulic power components (accumulator, centering pump, pressure filter, and manifold) on a single frame reduces Quantum stabilizer system installation time and complexity.

Noise reduction is another benefit of the Consolidated Hydraulic Panel. A single-point isolation system and state-of-the-art vibration mounts reduce noise significantly.

A single skid aluminum frame over a solid drip tray supports the electrical and hydraulic controls and filtration components. Hydraulic fluid paths are  polished stainless steel tubing with associated isolation points. A deep-black anodized manifold, and a high-gloss painted finish provide the appearance and durability required in the demanding marine environment.

Ease of access for maintenance and the pre-mounted centering pump provide a significant payback over the life of a Quantum stabilizer system. Installation simplicity due to the pre-plumbed and configured components reduces the required shipyard and builder connections, compared to mounting and connecting individual components at each stabilizer hull unit.


CHP 1500-2400 Consolidated Hydraulic Panel / Hydraulic Power Unit