Quantum Hydraulic Systems & Power Units

Quantum, experienced in producing stand-alone hydraulic power systems for stabilizers, pioneered the design and development of integrated hydraulic systems for marine applications. Quantum offers five standard hydraulic platforms for your yacht stabilizer, which are configured into customized central hydraulic power systems to meet almost any vessel’s needs.

QuietPack™ QP Hydraulic Power Pack powers Quantum’s stabilizers and is ideal for single-purpose applications. The QuietPack™ Hydraulic Power System provides the fluid power necessary to articulate your yacht stabilizer fins. QuietPack™ can be paired with a variety of stabilizer hull unit sizes and quantities based on vessel requirements providing a multitude of arrangement options. Designed to consolidate maximum output into a small footprint, this compact hydraulic power unit can be easily positioned into tight machinery spaces. It can also be combined to create modular hydraulic power systems.

XT Hydraulic Power Unit is a compact HPU that controls the retraction and expansion of the XT Fin stabilizer main hydraulic power system to isolate the submerged cylinder hydraulics from the main hydraulic system and allow the use of environmentally friendly oil.

Integrated Hydraulic Systems combine power input sources and eliminate the need for a dedicated hydraulic unit for each hydraulic consumer system, saving money, weight, and space. Electronically controlled Quantum Integrated Hydraulic Systems produce and deliver the correct pressure and flow for each specific onboard hydraulic consumer as needed, and on demand.

QR Remote Modular Hydraulic Systems move the power pack components into the smallest possible packages for use in tight machinery spaces. Separating the reservoir and pump/motor combination maintains all the functionality of a stand-alone system, but with much greater flexibility when it comes to the installation.

Consolidated Hydraulic Panel simplifies installation and servicing by mounting and plumbing each hull unit’s hydraulic components on a single panel, reducing installation time and complexity.

Digital One Speed Drive Power Supply: The Quantum Hydraulic Advantage

All Quantum stabilizer and integrated hydraulic power systems rely on Danfoss digital one-speed drive power supply solutions. The DANFOSS MCD 500 provides the most advanced digital soft-start solution for the complete range of Quantum hydraulic power units. The MCD 500 incorporates full motor protection features and has been designed for reliable performance in the most demanding installations.

One speed drives reduce the starting loads on the electric motors and the vessel’s generators or shore power supply system, providing smoother, quieter operation and longer service life. Danfoss one speed drives feature simple installation, no line reactors, an integral bypass contactor to eliminate harmonic distortion on the ship’s buss, and are fully programmable with a simple LCD interface.

Quantum Danfoss One Speed Drive Brochure Quantum/DANFOSS Digital Power Supply Benefits: SIMPLE INSTALLATION

The Quantum/DANFOSS MCD 500 units arrive mounted in IP55 enclosures. One enclosure size can house one or two soft starters, depending on installation type. No line reactor requirement further simplifies installation and also lowers installation cost. INTEGRAL BYPASS CONTACTOR: No harmonic distortion on the ship’s buss. FULLY PROGRAMMABLE: Includes output signal simulation.

DISPLAY: User-friendly liquid crystal display.
APPEARANCE: Delivered in the enclosure complete with cable glands and painted to customer specifications.
CERTIFICATIONS: C√; UL/C-UL; CE; CCC; Marine-Lloyds No.1; RoHS

Quantum Hydraulic pumps, power units, create a hydraulic system that offers a unique combination of proven technology and innovative design which translates into optimal performance, comfort and efficiency. Whether you need a single-purpose application, a custom solution, or anything in between, Quantum is the premier hydraulic system manufacturer for luxury yacht systems that simply have to work.

Quantum’s innovation and proven leadership made Quantum Marine Stabilizers one of the world’s preferred suppliers of hydraulic systems, dual-purpose fin stabilizers, custom engineered yacht stabilizer solutions to power your yacht and provide a luxury ride whether your ship is at anchor or underway.