Quantum QR Remote / Modular Hydraulic Power Pack System

Quantum’s QR remote or modular hydraulic power pack system separates the core power pack functions into separate components to provide greater flexibility in tight machinery space arrangements. By separating the oil reservoir ad pump/motor components, Quantum marine engineers designed a modular unit that is ideal for small vessels and vessel retrofits where space may be more difficult to find.

The QR hydraulic power pack system maintains all the functionality of a stand-alone system with the added benefit of installation flexibility. Each QR hydraulic unit is engineered to provide quiet, dependable power tailored to the machinery space, and to the application. Quantum hydraulic power packs use flexible mounts and noise suppressors mounted directly to the outlet of each pump to reduce noise and vibration.

Quantum’s Modular Power System Primary Components:

QRS Remote Supply Unit – the drive-train of Quantum’s modular hydraulic power unit designed as a single pump and motor assembly mounted on a drip tray system. The QRS includes includes drip tray and noise suppressor.

QRT Remote Tank unit – the oil reservoir of Quantum’s modular hydraulic power system. Consisting of a stainless steel wall mounted oil reservoir with associated gauges, alarms, filtration, suction valves, and built-in coolers, the QRT unit must be coupled with a separately supplied hydraulic power supply, such as one of Quantum’s Remote Supply (QRS) products.

Additional hydraulic components include:

  • Oil cooler – to limit oil temperature during operation
  • Accumulators – to soften hydraulic load surges
  • Pressure filters – to ensure that only clean oil reaches the hydraulic cylinders
  • Control manifolds – to accurately control the hydraulic cylinder movement

Quantum designs and engineers each remote or modular hydraulic power pack to the vessel’s specific requirements, finished to complement the modern yacht’s engine room. Installation and commissioning support, and Quantum’s one-year warranty coupled with our dedication to excellence in customer service provide for long term satisfaction