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Quantum has pioneered the world’s most advanced technologies in marine stabilization.

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Quantum Controls

Quantum Controls designs and manufactures marine stabilizer controls and fins, and conducts product research and development. In 2001, Quantum Controls (QC) opened in Nuth, The Netherlands, representing the European Headquarters of the Quantum Group. Three founding members, Lambert Dinnissen, Theo Koop and Hans Ooms, all experienced in roll damping equipment, came together with a vision of building the most advanced stabilizer systems in the world for luxury yachts, the military and commercial industries.

QC designs and manufactures stabilizer controls and fins with a keen focus on future innovations and advanced technologies. With the ability to build both hardware and software in-house, including 3D engineering, modeling and computational fluid dynamics (CDF), Quantum has the ability to control and customize the entire process to the exact needs of the client. These capabilities put Quantum as the market leader in roll stabilization systems.

Quantum Service

Worldwide service and parts on all Quantum Stabilizer Systems including 24-hour customer service and support through an in-house team of technicians. This division also handles all stabilizer retrofit projects. To date, Quantum has replaced over 190 competitor systems, compared to zero Quantum Systems that have been replaced by the competition.

In 1992, the service department was formed to accommodate the growing volume of yachts using Quantum Systems and their need for service and parts throughout the world. All of the service technicians are Quantum employees who have undergone extensive training, have a deep understanding of the systems and find solutions that work.

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Quantum Marine Stabilizers

Quantum Marine Stabilizers encompasses new product and retrofit sales, naval architecture, engineering & construction of hydraulic power systems, stabilizer documentation, commissioning and warranty.

It all began in 1985 as Quantum Marine Engineering in Rhode Island with one of the founding members, John Allen. The Company relocated to Florida in 1989 with a pioneering spirt and determination to service the marine industry with the most advanced stabilizing technology in the world.  Headquarters were established in Ft. Lauderdale with a new, award-winning office completed in early 2017.  With Allen still at the helm, the company specializes in designing and building Hydraulic Power Systems, has an extensive engineering team, including three full-time naval architects, boasts a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, an impressive testing and development center and a major service fulfillment center.  In addition, the entire Project Management Team, commissioning of new systems, warranty and system upgrades are all coordinated and managed through this division.

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Quantum Headquarters – Fort Lauderdale

Quantum stabilizer training
Quantum stabilizer workshop

About Quantum

Since 1985, Quantum has pioneered the world’s most advanced marine stabilizing technologies, serving the luxury yacht, military and commercial industries.  With three world patents secured, and the inventors of Zero Speed™, XT™ (extendable) fin units, Dyna-Foil™ and MAGLift™, Quantum has revolutionized the marine yachting industry, adding unprecedented comfort at anchor and underway.  Innovation has been the driver for Quantum’s success. The Company will continue its inventive research and development initiatives, in the best interests of the end user, while ensuring comfort at any speed.

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