Quantum Marine QuietPack™  Hydraulic Power Pack

The Quantum QuietPack™ Hydraulic Power Pack provides the fluid power necessary to articulate your yacht stabilizer fins. QuietPack can be paired with a variety of ship stabilizers hull unit sizes and quantities based on vessel requirements providing a multitude of arrangement options. Designed to consolidate maximum output into a small footprint, this compact hydraulic power unit can be easily positioned into tight machinery spaces.

The QuietPack™ hydraulic power units can stand alone, or be installed as modules. The oil reservoir, motor, and pump, oil cooler, return filtration, and all of the applicable routing and gauging are included, making shipyard connection easier. The QuietPack (QP) hydraulic power systems control noise and vibration with a sophisticated isolation system using resilient mounts and hydraulic pulsation suppressors mounted directly to the outlet of each hydraulic pump. Additional hydraulic system components include:

Accumulators – to soften hydraulic load surges
Pressure Filters – to ensure that only clean oil reaches the hydraulic cylinders
Manifolds – to accurately control the hydraulic cylinder movement

QP Hydraulic Power Pack Benefits:

SIMPLE INSTALLATION: The QuietPack Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) is designed to incorporate maximum hydraulic function within a single “plug and play” assembly. Straight-forward connections make installation easy.
EFFICIENT: The QP hydraulic power pack only draws the minimum power necessary to operate the hydraulic components reducing the load on the vessel’s electrical power and cooling systems.
MINIMAL NOISE: Quantum marine hydraulic power units utilize a three-point isolation system to bring both noise and vibration levels down. Hydraulic noise suppressors are attached directly at pump discharge to minimize hydraulic noise in the pipes.
HIGH-QUALITY APPEARANCE: Durable high gloss paint, polished stainless steel tubing, and black anodized manifolds make this unit a work of art as well as a practical marine hydraulic solution.

As the leader in ship stabilizers and motion control technology, Quantum’s goal is to design and deliver the marine industry’s premier power systems for yacht stabilizer systems. That means providing you with the hydraulic power, hydraulic fluid filtration, and system cooling that is both highly functional and aesthetically pleasing.

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