Marine Stabilizers – Zero Speed and Beyond

Since 1985, Quantum has been perfecting the Art of Stabilization. To date, Quantum has installed over 1,000 stabilizer systems and 85% of yachts over 55m use Quantum’s ZeroSpeed™.

Quantum Patented Marine Stabilizer Systems

Zero SpeedStabilizers

In 2000, Quantum installed the first ever Zero Speed™ stabilizing system that proved to revolutionize the yachting industry, offering superior comfort docked or at anchor. The technical experts at Quantum improved the conventional stabilizer performance by upgrading the control system.  The success of this new technology spread throughout the industry and is now on over 1,000 vessels. Today, the ZeroSpeed™ feature is included on all Quantum Systems.

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Dyna-FoilRetractable Stabilizers

Dyna-Foil™ is the new dual purpose fully retractable ship stabilizer system. The retractable fin creates a dynamic self-induced lift for outstanding ZeroSpeed™ operation and a highly efficient lift to drag coefficient for superior underway operations. Coupled with Quantum’s unrivaled SMC4000 series hydraulic control system and the Consolidated Hydraulic Power Unit, Dyna-Foil™ Marine Stabilizers provide the most technologically advanced system in the world.

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XT Fin™ Ship Stabilizers

The most popular Quantum system, the XT Fin™, an extendable fin stabilizer system, designed to reduce the fin footprint by having extendable foils.  The foils are only deployed for stabilizing the vessel at anchor or zero speed.  When underway, the foil is retracted, minimizing the drag and creating more efficiency.  The XT Fin™ often provides ample stabilization with the use of two fins that might otherwise require four.

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MAGLift™ (Magnus Effect) Rotor Ship Stabilizers

MAGLift™ Rotor Stabilizer design is based on the Magnus Effect whereby a spinning object moving in a fluid creates a whirlpool of fluids around itself, and experiences a force perpendicular to the line of motion and away from the direction of spin. Unlike traditional fin stabilizer systems, the MAGLift™ Rotor Stabilizer generates lift proportional to the speed and direction of its rotating cylinders.  Quantum’s design uses hydraulic power to deploy retractable rotating cylinders as directed by the SMC4000 stabilizer control unit to deliver full functionality at zero-, slow- and high-speed demands.

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