XT (Extendable) Fin Stabilizer

Quantum XT™ (extendable) Fin Stabilizer is a semi-retractable boat stabilizer fin system. Quantum’s XT fin stabilizer system for ships provides optimal stabilizer performance at Zero Speed and underway through fin variations.

How the Quantum XT extendable fin stabilizer system works:

Quantum’s XT stabilizer fin is designed with a retractable foil. For Zero Speed operations, the foil extends out of the pocket, increasing the effective fin area and improving Zero Speed stabilizer performance. For underway operations, the foil remains retracted within a pocket in the XT stabilizer fin. By keeping the foil retracted, the total exposed ship stabilizer fin area is less. Reducing the fin area lessens appendage drag and total outreach.

Interact with one of our larger XT models…

To view one of our largest XT models interactively in virtual 3D, simply click on the image above. By holding the left mouse button, you can spin around the model.

To zoom in, use the scroll button (or on tablets and phones, pinch zoom). You can also drag the XT-Fin by right clicking while dragging (on tablets or phones, utilize the two finger drag method).

After loading, you can interact with the XT stabilizer in full screen mode, by simply clicking the lower right “Full Screen” arrows on to bottom right.

The XT Fin automatically extends when Zero Speed mode is enabled.

In some cases, a single pair of Quantum XT stabilizer fins can provide equivalent performance to two pairs of conventional fin stabilizers, reducing cost and equipment footprint while attaining similar roll reduction onboard. This equates to a more comfortable experience for yachts and better operational readiness on military vessels, with less equipment to maintain.

The XT Fin is automatically extended when Zero Speed stabilizer mode is selected. The fin retracts when underway stabilizer mode is selected. Foil position is constantly monitored and displayed on the stabilizer controls. The XT stabilizer fin foil is hydraulically controlled by Quantum’s XT hydraulic power unit (HPU) (link to the XT HPU) which is independent of the central hydraulic power system.

In the case of impact or fault, the system can be operated as a conventional active fin stabilizer with the foil mechanically retained in the pocket. The foil and associated underwater components are also fully serviceable with the vessel in the water.

Nearly all of Quantum’s stabilizer models can be configured to accept an XT Fin. Additionally, the XT Fin can be renovated on existing conventional Quantum stabilizer units with the conversion of some component parts and minimal structural modification.