Zero Speed™

Quantum, the first marine stabilizer manufacturer to conquer the challenge of stabilizing vessels underway and at anchor, is the home of the Zero Speed Stabilizer for yachts. Our yacht fin stabilizers, and now our rotor stabilizer systems consistently deliver optimal performance at anchor (Zero Speed) and underway.

Quantum’s Zero Speed Stabilizer does more than just maintain your vessel’s equilibrium. Charter customers and Yacht buyers ask for it by name because of the superior performance and motion control zero speed stabilizers provide. Shipbuilders and brokers know the boost to charter and resale values that Zero Speed stability while anchored adds to charter and resale values.

Benefits of Quantum’s Zero Speed™ Stabilization Systems:

  • Anchor anywhere – enjoy port amenities without a reservation, even when the marina is full. Vessels will remain as comfortable and stable at anchor as at a dock, so you’ll never be limited by port availability.
  • Easy to Launch – whether used for business or pleasure, tenders, water toys, and even helicopters are easier to launch and retrieve from a stable Zero Speed™ platform.
  • Distinction – in the competitive yacht charter world, customers and brokers specify vessels with Zero Speed™.
  • Superior Comfort- dinner on the aft deck instead of ashore… a good night’s sleep, and a fresh crew in the morning after a calm and stable night aboard. And, you, your crew, and your guests are safer with less chance of falls and slips.
  • Increase Resale Value – investing in Zero Speed Stabilizer technology increases the long-term value of any vessel.