Quantum Marine Sets Standard for Military Vessel Stabilization at ZeroSpeed and Underway

Quantum has had the honor of supplying the military with marine stabilizers on hundreds of military vessels over the last several years. Giving the Naval Forces the ability to perform their duties at peak performance on a stable platform, is extremely gratifying for the Quantum Team. Serving the military involves a series of compliances, regulations and approvals. Today, Quantum is an approved vendor, fully in accord with ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) and in full compliance with all of the regulating military entities.

Key advantages to Quantum Stabilizing Solutions:

  • Increased crew safety, comfort and productivity
  • Improved crew retention – reduce fatigue, greater onboard comfort
  • Increased operational schedule, reducing downtime due to weather and sea conditions
  • Minimize risk of onboard injury to personnel
  • Minimize risk of damage to equipment and/or cargo
  • High system reliability and availability (COTS)
  • Station keeping and slow speed operations
  • Comfort even at Zero Speed™
  • Enhanced sea-keeping capabilities (course keeping and passage-making)
  • High system reliability and availability
  • Enhanced value at resale
  • Fuel saving- increased operational efficiency

The following is a partial list of military projects Quantum Marine, LLC., has provided motion/ride control systems for. In addition to this, Quantum to date has over 1,000 ZeroSpeed™ and underway systems installed around the world for luxury “SuperYachts” and military vessels.

USCG: GENERAL SERVICE: Quantum Stabilizers, Inc., our service and support division has been a major support facility for the US Coast Guard for over a decade now where QS has provided both technical support, spare parts and, when needed, on-site service for the Island Class patrol vessels. QS has worked with the most, if not all of the USCG regional centers in providing this service and we believe that the USCG can and will attest to the responsiveness and professionalism of services provided.

USCG: FAST RESPONSE CUTTER (FRC-B) – BOLLINGER SHIPYARDS: In 2009 Quantum was selected to provide the design, fabrication technical support and training of the roll stabilizer system for all of the new USCG FRC-B program (designated as the WPC project). After successful testing and evaluation of our designs, Quantum was awarded the contract for the installation, training and support programs for the new multi-vessel (34 increased to 58 cutters) multi-year build program.

USCG: WMEC 270 “LIFE EXTENSION PROGRAM”: In 2011, Quantum was chosen through an open commercial bid program as the only supplier for all 13 ships of the WMEC 270 Medium Endurance Cutters of the USCG. The scope of the program is for the design and manufacturer of the entire hydraulic and stabilizing control system for each ship. The system interfaces with older existing technologies from the original vessel.

US NAVY and ONR: In 2003 Quantum was selected to provide the design, fabrication and support of a comprehensive Ride Control System for the ONR’s prototype vessel designated at that time as “X-CRAFT” (subsequently commissioned as SEAFIGHTER. This was one of the first of the Littoral Combat Ships and the requirements called for a new, multi-system, multi-effector approach for motion control.

US NAVY: CYCLONE CLASS: In 2014, the US Navy approached Quantum in an open source bid to custom develop, engineer and produce a new stabilizing system including automated hydraulic safety locks for the first of thirteen ships. The Cyclone-class patrol ships are a class of United States Navy coastal patrol boats. Most of these ships were launched between 1992 and 1994 and originally built by Bollinger Shipyards of Louisiana. The primary mission of these ships is coastal patrol and interdiction surveillance, an important aspect of littoral operations outlined in the Navy’s strategy.

DAMEN SHIPYARDS: Since 2003 we have worked extensively with DAMEN SHIPYARDS in the design, supply and support of custom design systems for their STAN 47 patrol boat projects. Quantum and Damen collaborated on a custom design to include the roll stabilizer system as well as an Integrated Hydraulic System for these vessels. To date we have delivered and supported over 50 of these systems for DAMEN’s customers foreign navies and Coast Guards. Of significant interest is the fact that Quantum designed a central hydraulic system directed at supplying power to numerous vessel hydraulic functions that resulted in a significant weight and space saving over the previously employed systems for this class of vessel. Quantum was also selected to supply a roll stabilizer system for the Republic of South Africa Coast Guard offshore patrol vessel to replace the originally supplied system that did not meet the customer’s performance requirements.

SCHELDE NAVAL SHIPBUILDING: Quantum was appointed as a development partner for the design, delivery and support of the motion control systems for SCHELDE’s Sigma Class Frigates. Additionally, Quantum was awarded the contract for the supply of roll stabilizers for SCHELDE’s Netherlands Royal Navy offshore patrol vessels. These contracts are currently being fulfilled as multi-vessel, multi-year deliveries.

RIVERHAWK FAST SEA FRAMES – OPV: Quantum latest “Low Speed” stabilizing technology (The MAGLift™), was chosen for the new OPV class called the AMP OPV (Advanced Multi Mission Platform) built by RiverHawk Fast Sea Frames as part of an FMS (Foreign Military Sales) program for the Middle East. This very advanced OPV is the first of a special class of OPV’s that has been purpose built with the Middle East in mind using some of the latest technologies available to the marine industry, including Quantum’s MAGLift™.

LÜRSSEN MILITARY PROJECTS: Quantum was selected to design and supply the roll stabilizer systems for the Brunei Navy’s 41 meter patrol boats as well as the Brunei Navy 80 meter offshore patrol vessels. Both of these projects are multi-vessel, multi-year supply and support contracts and are currently in force.