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Fin Stabilizer Operations Training – Course Details

This course provides an overview of typical Quantum fin stabilizer operations, and delivers both theory and operational knowledge providing operators with a well-rounded, practical knowledge of Quantum stabilizer systems.

We cover:

  • The effect of operations on ship roll behavior
  • Principles in fin forces
  • Operation of Quantum’s stabilizer controllers
  • Hydraulic system operation and component identification
  • Electrical system operation and component identification
  • Integrated hydraulic systems
  • Onboard maintenance tasks
  • Extendable (XT Fin™) systems
  • Practice in system troubleshooting as time permits


Who should attend?

Captains, engineers, and yacht crew who are interested in learning more about operating the Quantum fin-type stabilizer systems. Experience onboard a ship with Quantum stabilizers is advantageous, but not required.

Course Details

Course Details


Quantum Training Facility

3685 SW 30th Ave., Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

Duration: 3 days

Daily Hours: 8:30am – 4:30pm

2024 Session Dates: TBD

Participation: The course is limited to a maximum of eight (8) participants

Fee: Based on customization of the program.

Contact Point: Rob Ramakers, Training Manager

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Course Details

Course Details

Stability & Rolling of a ship:

Exploring the basics of ship stability and the effect of operational and environmental conditions on a ship’s roll behavior.


Discussion on how stabilizer fins work and the changes required to alter the forces they generate.

Stabilizer Control Operation:

Introduction of Quantum’s stabilizer controllers; principles and practice in their operation.

Stabilizer Control System:

Analysis of the hydraulic and electrical systems used to control stabilizer fin position, including component identification, activities during normal operations, and clues to detect system faults.

Power Units:

Exploring Quantum’s hydraulic power units, standard operating procedures and identification and functionality of components.

Hydraulic Power Unit Control System:

Understanding the electrical control system for a typical power unit, including principles of operation, dissecting electrical schematics, and component identification.

Integrated Systems:

Introduction of integrated hydraulic systems, including their purpose and the benefits and consequences of their use. In depth review of hydraulic and electrical considerations, principles of operation, hydraulic and electrical components and their function.

XT™ Systems:

Introduction of Quantum’s Extendable XT™ Fin system. Review of the principles behind XT™ operation and corresponding advantages for ship stability. Exploring the principles of hydraulic and electrical control of XT™ fins, normal system operations, and components used.


Introduction of Quantum’s maintenance schedule, typical system inspections, and practice in performing the following maintenance tasks:

  • Inspections
  • Hull unit greasing
  • Oil contamination control
  • Relieve system pressure
  • Gas charging
  • Tapered pin adjustment