Quantum Marine Stabilizers

Parts & Tools

The parts division handles the procurement, inventory management and fulfillment, of over 30,000 parts worldwide including both old and new systems. Currently supporting legacy equipment for up to 20 years with spare parts as original or upgraded where applicable. The parts are organized through two 20-foot retrieval systems that expedite delivery to the end user while maximizing storage space.

O-Ring Kit ASEA000001-AA00

O-Ring Kit

Array of O-Ring sizes that are commonly used on a Quantum systems. Great for troubleshooting and often a quick solution. Always be prepared!

Fuse Kit AELE000001-AA00

Quantum Stabilizers-torque wrench to adjust tapered pins

The fuse kit is a small compact kit containing all of the fuses used in a majority of Quantum systems. The kit is compact, capable of fitting in a pant pocket. It also included a watertight case with a small lanyard hole, making it easy to store near the stabilizer equipment in case a fuse blows.

Accumulator and Suppressor Charge Kit ASUP000001-3A

Quantum Accumulator and Suppressor Charging Kit

Hydraulic accumulators and noise suppressors need the charge pressure maintained according to the parameters and specifications. The complete kit has a case, charging tool, charge checking tool, charging adapters and Leak-Tec. Each tool or adapter is available separately. Video tutorial available.

Charge Checking Tool QMSUP23011

Quantum Charge Checking Tool

The new charge checking tool reduces the pressure drop encountered when using the long hose in the charging tool to check nitrogen pressure. If you find that checking the suppressor charge with your Quantum-supplied charging kit usually results in having to charge the suppressor, the charge checking tool can alleviate the issue.

Charging Adapters

Quantum Charging Adapters

The Quantum charging tool comes with the American-style (CGA-580) gas bottle adapter pre-installed. For connection to European style gas bottles, Quantum now offers the English-style (BS-341) gas bottle adapter (top left-Quantum number QMSUP23017) and the German-style (DIN-477) gas bottle adapter (left bottom-Quantum number QMSUP23016).

Tapered Pin Adjustment Tool Kit

Tapered Pin Adjustment Tool Kit

Five (5) tapered pin adjustment tool kits are now available. For easy selection, the kits are separated by hull unit model:

•ATOL000100-AA01 (for the QC1200 & 1500)
•ATOL000101-AA01 (for the QC1800)
•ATOL000102-AA01 (for the QC2200 & 2400)
•ATOL000103-AA01 (for the QC2600)
•ATOL000104-AA01 (for the QC3600)

Grease Gun AGR0001000

Grease Gun AGR0001000

One of the most important Quantum stabilizer system maintenance procedures is regular greasing. While all Quantum systems require grease, the access points and procedure might differ depending on the system, so please consult your manual for the proper grease type, grease points, pressures and procedures. The grease gun is recommended to insure that the specified, essential pressure is reached and maintained.

Hydraulic Power Unit Suction Strainer Wrench

Quantum Leak-Tec

Maintenance on Quantum Hydraulic Power Units for the stabilizer systems can require cleaning or replacing the strainers on the suction side of the hydraulic system. Quantum designed low-profile wrenches enable removing and installing cleaned or replacement suction strainers without damaging the strainer mesh. The wrench size is specific to the size strainer: QMSTR40010 (.5″ strainers), QMSTR40009 (.75″ strainers), and QMSTR40002 (1.0″ strainers).

Torque Wrench ATOL000003-AA00

Quantum Stabilizers Torque Wrench ATOL000003-AA00

Quantum’s tapered cylinder pins empower the engineer to reduce bearing noise by adjusting bearing compression. Performing this adjustment requires close attention to the applied torque. This wrench covers the full span of torques specified in the Quantum tapered pin adjustment procedure and provides visual indication of the applied torque via the dial gauge. The torque wrench is supplied with a calibration certificate; re-calibration is recommended once a year.