Quantum Marine Stabilizers

Marine Stabilizers – Zero Speed™ and Beyond

Since 1985, Quantum has been perfecting the Art of Stabilization. To date, Quantum has installed 1,000’s of stabilizer systems and 85% of yachts over 55m use Quantum’s Zero Speed™.


With a focus on innovation and cutting edge marine technology, the engineers behind Quantum Stabilizers have raised the bar for vessel stabilization systems.


Quantum Zero Speed™ Stabilizers were introduced in 2000 and proved to establish Quantum as a leader in the industry.  The enhancement of Zero Speed™, redefined the marine industry, for those who had previously suffered from seasickness.  That technology was soon followed by the XT™ Fin, MAGLift™ Rotor and Dyna-Foil™ proprietary technologies.  Today, Quantum is the preferred stabilizer choice for the large luxury yacht market, military and other commercial vessels. 


Quantum Patented Marine Stabilizer Systems

XT Fin™ Ship
The latest technology using a dual purpose fully retractable ship stabilizing system. Dyna-Foil™ uses more lift, with less drag and less power, therefore more efficient. It features a fully retractable, high aspect ratio foil, to produce roll stabilization, both underway and at Zero Speed™. In Zero Speed™ mode, the Dyna-Foil’s swinging motion creates flow over the foil and therefore lift for optimal stabilization. While underway, the foil can be fully extended with minimal drag or retracted. Ideal for vessels with Zero Speed™ and high speed stabilizer demands.
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Dyna-Foil™ Retractable Stabilizers
A “foil” extends and retracts from the fin housing, providing greater stability at rest or at anchor (Zero Speed™). The foil extends providing greater fin area which means greater stability at zero speed.
The foil retracts when the vessel is underway, preventing any unnecessary drag or fuel inefficiencies.
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MAGLift™ (Magnus Effect)
Rotor Ship Stabilizers
MAGLift™ Rotor Stabilizer design is based on the Magnus Effect whereby a spinning object moving in a fluid creates a whirlpool of fluids around itself, and experiences a force perpendicular to the line of motion and away from the direction of spin. Unlike traditional fin stabilizer systems, the MAGLift™ Rotor Stabilizer generates lift proportional to the speed and direction of its rotating cylinders. Quantum’s design uses hydraulic power to deploy retractable rotating cylinders as directed by the SMC4000 stabilizer control unit to deliver full functionality at zero-, slow- and high-speed demands.
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