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Ship Stabilizers and Hydraulic Systems

Quantum leads the marine industry in the development and installation of innovative ship stabilizers that provide superior roll reduction underway and at anchor.

The Quantum hydraulics range from fully integrated hydraulic systems to hydraulic power units. The team of marine engineers and naval architects have over 300 years of collective experience, developing custom stabilization solutions for a variety of ships including, yachts, Naval/Coast Guard patrol boats, commercial and explorer vessels.

Hydraulic Power Systems


Provides fluid power to the XT™ System
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A small footprint that maximizes machinery output
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Quiet, submersible 40hp motor, designed for zero speed™ applications
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QP7575 MK0

Most powerful system to date with two 75hp motors
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Remote or modular components for use in tight spaces
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Integrated HPU to run multiple systems, e.g. stabilizers, bow thruster, davit, windlass, passerelle
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Ship Stabilizer Applications

Maximum Stability at Zero Speed™

Though Zero Speed™ was invented by Quantum in 2000, the technology today continues to advance with many improvements and refinements, focused on performance. Performance means everything in stabilization.  If not for the gentle murmur of the waves and the cool ocean breeze, owners and guests might forget that they’re out on the water. There are many vessels benefit from having stabilizers:

  • High-speed watercraft:

    Even high-speed boats slowdown, which usually triggers an increase and often uncomfortable roll of the vessel. Whether just taking in an anchorage, launching water toys or assisting passengers on and off a boat, stabilizers will have a direct impact on whether the experience is great or horrible.

  • Luxury yachts:

    Stabilizers have been a game changer in the luxury yacht market for decades.  Individuals who suffer from extreme seasickness, are now able to enjoy yachting.  From doing yoga, to dining onboard, playing games or reading, Quantum stabilizers will enable even the most vulnerable passengers, to enjoy the seas.

  • Commercial/Entertainment vessels:

    From cruise ships to private entertainment yachts, comfort is attainable with the proper planning, calculations and performance predictions, to maximize roll reduction and ensure onboard comfort. Comfort guarantees customer satisfaction, leading to strong reviews and repeat business.

  • Fishing vessels:

    Whether a fishing vessel is operating at zero speed or trolling, using an active stabilizer system is key to winning the “big” catch as well as preventing onboard injuries. Putting up a good fight is certainly part of the game, but losing the biggest catch of your life, because of an unstable boat, is inexcusable!

Quantum Marine Stabilizers is also the name trusted by the U.S. Navy , Coast Guard and 16 world Navies to stabilize vessels all over the globe.  Whether it is a rescue mission, landing a helicopter or refueling, maximizing stability can mean the difference between life and death.


Quantum Proprietary Ship Systems

XT Fins™

Comfort and control underway, at anchor, or while drifting
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Fully retractable dual purpose system that uses hydrodynamic lift
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Rotary stabilizer using the Magnus effect, retractable rotating cylinders effective at anchor and low speed
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