Ship Stabilizers and Hydraulic Systems

Quantum leads the marine industry in the development and installation of innovative ship stabilizers that provide superior roll reduction underway and at anchor. Our hydraulics range from fully integrated hydraulic systems to hydraulic power units.Our team of marine engineers and naval architects have over 20+ years proven experience developing custom designed custom stabilization solutions for a variety of ships including, large luxury yachts, naval vessels, coast guard patrol boats.

Over the past eight years, Quantum Marine Engineering replaced more than 60 systems supplied by other companies due to unsatisfactory performance, while no Quantum stabilization system has ever been removed. No other company can make this claim.

Quantum Proprietary Ship Stabilizers

  • Zero Speed™ – comfort and control underway, at anchor, or while drifting
  • MAGLift™ – rotary stabilizer using the Magnus effect, retractable rotating cylinders effective at anchor and low speed
  • XT Fins™ – extendable stabilizer fins retract for less drag underway and extend for maximum roll reduction at anchor or zero speed
  • Dyna-Foil™ – new dual-purpose fully retractable ship stabilizers that provide exceptional roll reduction for vessels both at ZeroSpeed™ and underway

Hydraulic Power Systems

  • QuietPack™- dedicated hydraulic power units for Quantum stabilizer systems
  • Integrated Hydraulic Systems– capable of powering all onboard hydraulic consumers
  • XT ™ Power Unit– independent power unit for extending and retracting
  • Modular Power Systems– remote or modular components for use in tight spaces
  • Consolidated Hydraulic Panel– simplify installation and service by mounting and plumbing a hull unit’s hydraulic components on a single panel