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Quantum Marine Stabilizers

Quantum Hydraulic Systems & Power Units

The Quantum hydraulic power units (HPU’s) can stand alone, or be installed as modules. The oil reservoir, motor, and pump, oil cooler, return filtration, and all of the applicable routing and gauging are included, making shipyard connection easier. HPU’s control noise and vibration with a sophisticated isolation system using resilient mounts and hydraulic pulsation suppressors mounted directly to the outlet of each hydraulic pump. Additional hydraulic system components include:

Accumulators – to soften hydraulic load surges
Pressure Filters – to ensure that only clean oil reaches the hydraulic cylinders
Manifolds – to accurately control the hydraulic cylinder movement


Quantum Patented Marine Stabilizer Systems

Provides fluid power to the XT™ System
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A small footprint that maximizes machinery output
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Quiet, submersible 40hp motor, designed for Zero Speed™ applications
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QP7575 MK0
Most powerful system to date with two 75hp motors
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Remote or modular components for use in tight spaces
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Integrated HPU to run multiple systems, e.g. stabilizers, bow thruster, davit, windlass, passerelle
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