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F45 Hybrid – Hydraulic/Electric Integrated Power System

Exciting news in support of the “green movement,” Quantum is introducing a new integrated hybrid power system using the best attributes of both hydraulic and electric power sources. With a prototype under development and a patent pending, the F45 Hybrid represents a breakthrough in power technology.


The Advantages:

The power pack is extremely efficient, has low airborne and structure born noise levels, minimal heat generation and low maintenance requirements. It offers smooth power that does not fluctuate and requires 50% less power than a traditional hydraulic system.  The F45 Hybrid boasts up to 60% greater efficiencies, only consuming the energy as required, when required. This efficiency is partially due to the elimination of control valves in exchange for a servo motor.


A traditional hydraulic system will continue to draw 40% of the maximum power, even when it is not needed, so there is a lot of wasted energy. The F45 Hybrid drops to less than 1kW when in standby mode.


Electric fin stabilizers on larger vessels (60m+), become cost prohibitive due to the prices associated with gear boxes and servo motors. Electric fins with gear boxes must be designed to handle slamming loads which is easier for hydraulic systems to handle with the relief valves.


The F45 Hybrid – hydraulic/electric solution meets both the long-term energy efficiency requirements and the peak transient energy needs of the closed marine electrical system.  The system will be available in June 2023.

Quantum Hydraulic Power Units

Across the globe, Quantum is a name synonymous with excellence in marine hydraulics design, installation, and reliability. With a highly-skilled team of engineers and naval architects, Quantum has developed a deep understanding of marine hydraulics, constantly improving and challenging the status quo. 


A Quantum hydraulic power unit (HPU) offers the following features:

  • Sophisticated noise and vibration technology 
  • Many configurations and sizes depending upon the requirements and specs
  • Accumulators to manage load surges
  • Pressure filters to ensure clean oil runs through the cylinders
  • Manifolds to precisely control the cylinder movement 
  • Several components are included with the system making the shipyard connections easier
  • Expertise offered in shipyard connections to ensure minimal noise and vibration

Exceptional Versatility to Suit an Extensive Range of Vessels

Quantum has crafted a diverse series of marine hydraulic power systems, offering a range of sizes, types, and options designed to serve the specific needs of a vessel.  

For over 35 years, Quantum has provided hydraulic solutions for: 

  • Luxury yachts (50m+)
  • Commercial vessels (such as cruise ships)
  • Coast Guard vessels 
  • International Naval vessels

The ability to select from over 30 unique ship stabilizer hydraulic platforms is a valuable benefit that sets the Quantum name apart. Not only does this provide a guarantee for a perfect fit, but the added customization options are ideal for achieving superb performance.

Whether you’re working with a limited footprint or have exceptionally high power requirements, Quantum has the power pack that will suit your needs. 

Unmatched Service and a Tailor-Made Experience

One of the defining characteristics of Quantum is our commitment to providing the proper system for every client. From the hull unit to the controls to the HPU and the stabilizer system, it is specified to your exact requirements. 

Updating Your Marine Hydraulics for the Ultimate in Optimization

Take advantage of cutting-edge technology and the latest in hydraulic engineering by upgrading the HPU on your vessel to Quantum. 

With operations in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Nuth, The Netherlands, and Barcelona, Spain Quantum is uniquely positioned to refit and update vessels around the globe. Over the past several decades, Quantum has raised the bar for quality, performance, and service. 

Contact our team to request more information about updating your vessel with a new Quantum hydraulic power system today.


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