Yacht Stabilizers: Zero Speed™ Stabilizer

The finest stabilizing systems in the world

Quantum Marine Stabilizers

Next Generation Yacht Stabilization Technology

Quantum Zero Speed™ stabilizers generate a powerful, paddling force, generating supreme stability at the most vulnerable speeds for seasickness—zero and slow speeds.  The performance of the stabilizers is controlled by the speed, conditions, and vessel requirements which are programmed into the algorithms, allowing for precise roll reduction. Partially and fully retractable rotors and foils require a broader swinging motion for zero speed functionality.

Limitless Exploration

Equipped with Zero Speed™ stabilizers, luxury yachts can anchor virtually anywhere. Whether you wish to spend a sunny afternoon anchored in the Mediterranean or are on an adventure to see humpback whales in Alaska, stabilizers give you more freedom, comfort, and options!  The high-tech Quantum Stabilizers allow you to select your favorite destinations without requiring perfect sea conditions.

Explore the Galápagos Islands or The Bahamas in the winter, cruising smoothly through picturesque islands to your heart’s content. 

Optimum Zero Speed™ Operation

Whether using Quantum’s XT™, MAGLift™, or the new Dyna-Foil™ Stabilizer system, Zero Speed™  ( is a critical option for Charter Agents and brokers when securing a luxury yacht charter. By negating the roll, charter guests experience not only superior comfort, but vastly improved safety on board.  Whether boarding or exiting the vessel, launching water toys, or simply enjoying time at sea, a quality stabilizer is essential. Most importantly, charter guests will be far more satisfied, writing five-star reviews and booking more charters if they have a “smooth” experience.

Unparalleled Comfort

Minimizing the roll of a vessel is an essential part of enjoying the luxurious lifestyle intended when yachting. The best yacht stabilizer technology almost makes you forget that you’re floating on water. Comfort like this doesn’t happen by accident– Experience the peace and relaxation of a Quantum System.

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Quantum Facts

of all Superyachts over 55m (180’) use Quantum Stabilizers
Quantum Hydraulic Stabilizer Systems Installed
Competitor Systems Removed and Replaced by Quantum Systems
Quantum Systems Replaced by the Competition


Since 1985, Quantum has served many shipyards worldwide, the US Coast Guard, Navy and 14 other international Navies.
Abeking & Rasmussen, Germany
Amels, Holland
Austal Shipyards, USA
Azimuth Benetti, Italy
Beconcini (Perini Navi), La Spezia, Italy
Blohm + Voss, Germany
Bollinger Shipyards, USA
Burger Boat Company, USA
Christensen, USA
CMN, France
Codecasa, Italy
CRN, Italy
Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding, Holland
Damen Shipyards (Gorinchem, Holland)
De Vries (Feadship), Scheepsbouw, Holland
Delta Shipyards, USA
Derecktor Shipyards, USA
DML (Appledore Shipyards), UK
Fincantieri, Muggiano, Italy
Hakvoort Shipyard, Holland
Halter Naval Shipbuilding, USA
HDW, Germany
Istanbul Military Shipyard, Turkey
Kingship, China
Lürssenwerft (Bremen & Kroegerwerft), Germany
Navantia, Cadiz, Spain
Nobiskrug, Germany
Oceanco, Holland
Oceanfast, Australia
Palmer Johnson, USA
Piriou, France
Proteksan, Turkey
RiverHawk Marine, USA
Royal Van Lent (Feadship), Holland
SA Shipyards, Italy
Sunseeker, UK
Timmerman Yachts, Russia
Trinity Yachts & Trinity Offshore, USA
URSA Yachts
Yay Gemi, Turkey

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Yacht Stabilizers: Zero Speed™ Stabilizer
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