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Quantum began in 1985 as a marine service and repair business, eventually getting into manufacturing. This model helped the company develop a comprehensive service program that has elevated the brand and earned the company a solid reputation in the marine industry.  As an extension of the service business, parts and related equipment are readily available, with prompt shipping all over the world. The coordination of a service job is another area of commitment and expertise. Major refit jobs are organized and managed around the globe, with experienced service techs, parts, tools, equipment, and related machinery all coordinated to match the typically limited shipyard time available.

The technical and mechanical support teams provide service on equipment such as:

  • Boat stabilizer fins and rotors
  • Quantum hydraulics
  • Hull units
  • Stabilizer control units
  • Components such as hoses, shafts, valves, manifolds, pumps, etc. 

Through years of experience, the service team is able to diagnose as well as recommend the appropriate service or maintenance for your vessel. Quantum’s advanced technology makes this all possible efficiently and effectively.


Trust Quantum

You have a choice in stabilizer systems and companies.  It comes down to performance, trust, and support. Once the system is commissioned and delivered, Quantum makes a commitment for the life of the system. There may be cheaper brands on the market, but sacrificing comfort and reliable support for a lower price tag, overtime is no gain.  Trust and reputation are two words that are earned and for almost 40 years, Quantum has worked hard to earn them. Do your own research on Quantum.  If you commit to Quantum, Quantum will commit to you. If you need service, repair or an upgrade on your stabilizers or hydraulic system, contact us today. The friendly Quantum staff is ready to assist you now.


Hydraulic Stabilizer Service and Repair

Whether out at sea or anchored offshore, Quantum Stabilizers ensure the functionality of life onboard and comfort for you, your passengers, and crew members. Avoiding any disruptions in operation is critical to maintaining, a charter schedule, an owner’s cruising plan, a commercial operating schedule, or a military mission. If, for any reason, the stabilizers need service or maintenance has been neglected, it can become a crisis! With decades of experience, Quantum Marine Stabilizers has the expertise and resources to keep the vessel in operation, as planned.

The approach to service at Quantum is unique in the industry. Quantum builds the system and services the equipment, so the drawings, service records, and parts history are all within Quantum’s database. There are no third parties and no finger-pointing. This poses a major advantage to the owner, the crew, and ultimately the operation of the vessel. In addition, Quantum has benefited, over the years, from the feedback within the service department to continually perfect the design and products over time. This has served Quantum well.

Quantum Service Techs travel all over the world– 24/7.  One of the key features to the service technology, is remote access. The trained staff can troubleshoot remotely and solve many issues quickly, at a reduced cost, without travel.

Quantum hydraulics are industry-preferred for reliability and superior performance, in addition to the level of customer care that accompanies the brand. The stabilizer systems offer the latest technological advancements, consistently evaluated, and challenged by the team of naval architects and marine engineers. With offices and facilities in the USA, The Netherlands, and Spain, the company is positioned to effectively serve customers around the globe.

Any yacht broker or industry expert will agree, whether it is a new build or refit project, a quality stabilizer system will add tremendous value to the vessel.  Today, stabilizers are viewed as a necessity, not a luxury.  The list of benefits is long, including safety, the ability to continue with onboard responsibilities and activities at a higher sea state, adding tremendous value to onboard operations. In addition, stabilizers preserve the useful life of onboard equipment, systems, and valuables, preventing the potential damage from unstabilized pounding.

All technicians are trained and employed by Quantum and, when combined with a full stock of spare parts, the results make for a perfect, satisfying service call.

Worldwide Servicing

Quantum’s Service is known and respected throughout the world. The responsiveness, competency and professionalism of the service techs has played a major role in developing the revered Quantum Brand.

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