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Quantum Service

Worldwide customers have benefited from the comprehensive lifecycle maintenance program, focused on long-term cost containment. Quantum’s dedication to customer service sets the company apart from the competition. From the first contact to the final commissioning, every effort is taken to ensure the highest quality in service and performance.

The Company employs technicians in the United States, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom offering worldwide support for stabilizer systems and parts. The Parts Division handles the procurement, inventory management and fulfillment, of over 30,000 parts worldwide including both old and new systems. Legacy equipment is supported for up to 20 years with spare parts as original or upgraded where applicable. The Service Team can quickly dispatch resources to field service technicians, who are all Quantum employees.

Quantum has built a tremendous reputation for customer service, which is the foundation of the Company’s Mission Statement. The passion and drive for customer satisfaction ensure that every Quantum System is handled with care and the end user in mind.



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Quantum’s passion and drive for customer satisfaction has been a key contributor to the company’s world-class reputation and continues to be emblematic of the company name.

All technicians are trained and employed by Quantum and, when combined with a full stock of spare parts, the results make for a perfect, satisfying service call.