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Size Range 40m – 180m (131’ – 591’)

Since 1985, Quantum has pioneered the world’s most advanced marine stabilizing technologies, serving the luxury yacht, military and commercial industries.

Quantum stabilizer products have earned the company a reputation for excellence in design, production quality, and reliability of operation. Quantum’s commitment to worldwide customer support and service excellence has created a reputation that stands out in the marine industry.

Throughout the years, Quantum has never lost its momentum or drive. The Company continues to challenge the status quo in yachting technology to improve the performance and comfort of vessels using customized stabilizing solutions. The company’s emerging research and development continues to impress yacht owners, builders, designers, crew and brokers with its applications of innovative engineering.

Quantum Facts

of all Superyachts over 55m (180′) use Quantum Stabilizers
Quantum Hydraulic Stabilizer Systems Installed
Competitor Systems Removed and Replaced by Quantum Systems
Quantum Systems Replaced by the Competition

Quantum Stabilizer Technology

In 2000, Quantum installed the first Zero Speed™ Stabilizer Fins that has since revolutionized the yachting industry. This system ensures stability at anchor or underway, providing optimal comfort and performance. Zero Speed™ is integrated into all of the following, patented stabilizing systems:

Dyna-Foil™ Stabilizer
Dyna-Foil™ StabilizerSuperior Roll Reduction
The latest technology using a dual purpose fully retractable ship stabilizing system. Dyna-Foil™ uses more lift, with less drag and less power, therefore more efficient. It features a fully retractable, high aspect ratio foil, to produce roll stabilization, both underway and at Zero Speed™. In Zero Speed™ mode, the Dyna-Foil’s swinging motion creates flow over the foil and therefore lift for optimal stabilization. While underway, the foil can be fully extended with minimal drag or retracted. Ideal for vessels with Zero Speed™ and high speed stabilizer demands.
MAGLift™ Rotor Stabilizer
MAGLift™ Rotor StabilizerIdeal for Zero Speed™ to 14 Knots
Based upon the “Magnus Effect,” a phenomenon where a rotating cylinder creates lift (stabilization) proportional to the speed and direction of the rotation. It is perfect for slow or Zero Speed™ applications and military patrol boats that frequently run at slow and loitering speeds. Due to the smaller size of the rotor over a conventional stabilizer, there is less appendage resistance. The rotors are also completely retractable underway, so high speed or Ice Class applications are ideal. The MAGLift™ is ideal for vessels with Zero Speed™ and slow speed stabilizer demands.
Quantum XT™ Fin Stabilizers
Quantum XT™ Fin StabilizersInnovation in Zero Speed™
A “foil” extends and retracts from the fin housing, providing greater stability at rest or at anchor (Zero Speed™). The foil extends providing greater fin area which means greater stability at zero speed. The foil retracts when the vessel is underway, preventing any unnecessary drag or fuel inefficiencies. The XT™ is ideal for vessels with zero and medium speed stabilizer demands.
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Quantum – Awarded Contract Royal Australian Navy – Lürssen OPV

May 14th, 2019|

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida USA – Quantum was recently awarded the stabilizer contract on the first of 12 Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPV’s) for the Royal Australian Navy, being built by Luerssen Australia Pty Ltd.  The contract