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Out with the old, in with the new! Over the last decade, there have been many significant innovations to Quantum’s stabilizing technology. The Retrofit Team can suggest some modifications and improvements that will dramatically improve your ride and make a significant impact on the resale value of your vessel.

Upgrade Underway Only Stabilizers to Zero Speed™ – This is a common scenario, but involves a thorough analysis of the existing system to accurately determine the equipment and parts required. There is a marked advantage if the existing system is Quantum.

XT Upgrade – For all of those old stabilizing fins that are underperforming, consider an XT Upgrade. It is a popular fix with proven technology.

The criteria:

  • Replace regular fin with a retractable XT fin
  • Replace the shaft in hull unit to allow for the necessary communication and hydraulic interface
  • Must add and install a small XT HPU unit to activate the foil

Control Replacement – Adaptive Ride Control (ARC) to Ship’s Motion Control (SMC) The ARC unit is analog with standard switches and only one control per pair of stabilizers. The SMC unit is digital with a touch screen and the ability to change any number of fins with one control. The SMC uses an ethernet connection that affords many communication options/capabilities and the ability to capture a lot more stabilizer performance data.

Upgrading Centering Studs to Centering Cylinders – The Centering Cylinder is similar to an emergency shut down, keeping the stabilizers fixed. It will automatically hold the tiller in center position after shutdown. Depending upon the hull unit, there are some compatible conversion kits.

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