Quantum Marine Stabilizers

Updates / Upgrades

The parts division handles the procurement, inventory management and fulfillment, of over 30,000 parts worldwide including both old and new systems. Currently supporting legacy equipment for up to 20 years with spare parts as original or upgraded where applicable. The parts are organized through two 20-foot retrieval systems that expedite delivery to the end user while maximizing storage space.

There are several options to upgrade or update your Quantum Stabilizer System. The Service Team can help you navigate the best options for your needs and situation. Taking advantage of these options, can greatly improve the effectiveness and performance of your system. Of course, improving the resale value of your vessel is an added benefit.

This is a software update and algorithm improvement for ARC3001 and SMC4000 controllers. The Dyna-Gain, which stands for Dynamic Gain, optimizes the fin timing, smoothing out the roll pattern when the stabilizers are in rough seas or at maximum demand.
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Fin Control Modules (FCM) converted to Effective Control Modules (ECM)
this upgrade allows for more precise control while, reducing the wear on the fin circuit board. A sea trail is required to create a forced roll and set the proper parameters
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Fin Oscillation Simulator (FOS)
a.k.a. “Fin Wagging Device” – This is a handheld stabilizer fin movement controller that allows the engineer to grease the hull unit and tapered pin adjustment safely by moving the fin locally in a controlled manner. It ensures the movement of tiller is even during maintenance. There are four pre-set fin speeds and an intuitive interface.
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Auto Greaser
is a pump that greases the system and reduces manpower for maintenance. There may be a need to upgrade the electric equipment to accommodate the pump.
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Noise Reduction Technology
Quantum offers many solutions in sound reduction.

Noise and Vibration Options:
- Anti-vibration mounts and footings for HPU unit
- Add hydraulic suppressors/dampeners
- Add sound shields to the HPU unit
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Tapered Pin Upgrade
There are Tapered Pin options to prevent the clicking noise:
- Straight pin to tapered pin (adjustable) that will increase the bearing life
- Older tapered version to a new tapered for ease of adjustability
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