Retractable Rotor - Zero & Slow Speed

Quantum Marine Stabilizers
Quantum Marine Stabilizers


Quantum, the first marine stabilizer manufacturer to conquer the challenge of stabilizing vessels both underway and at anchor, is home of the Zero Speed™ stabilization. All Quantum fins, MAGLift™ Rotors and Dyna-Foil™ high aspect foils are all available with Zero Speed™ integrations.

Quantum’s Zero Speed™ does more than just maintain your vessel’s equilibrium. Yacht owners, shipbuilders brokers and charter customers ask for it by name because of the superior motion control and resale appreciation that Zero Speed™ stabilizers provide.

Key advantages of Zero Speed™

Anchor anywhere
Enjoy port amenities without a reservation, even when the marina is full. Vessels will remain as comfortable and stable at anchor as at the dock!
Easy to Launch
Whether used for business or pleasure, tenders, water toys, and even helicopters are easier to launch and retrieve from a stable platform.
In the competitive yacht charter world, customers and brokers prefer and specify vessels with Zero Speed™.
Superior Comfort & Safety
Stabilizers ensure that all passengers are safer and less likely to fall. A dinner, sleeping, reading or games onboard are part of the yachting lifestyle that can continue with a smooth ride.

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