Ft. Lauderdale, Florida USA – Quantum

Quantum – Awarded Contract Royal Australian Navy – Lürssen OPV

Royal Australian Navy - Lürssen OPV Quantum was awarded the stabilizer contract on the first of 12 OPV's for the Royal Australian Navy being built by Luerssen Australia Pty Ltd. The contract requires a four-fin system, including Quantum's revolutionary Zero Speed™ technology

Since 1985, Quantum has dominated the superyacht (50m+) stabilization market and over the last 15 years they have provided solutions and systems to the US Coast Guard, Navy and 14 international foreign navies. In addition to Quantum’s advanced stabilization systems, they also provide a worldwide network of customer service, parts and support.

John Allen, Quantum President & CEO states, “We are honored to be serving the Royal Australian Navy and Lüerssen Australia Pty Ltd. It is gratifying to know that our technology and past performance has led us to a contract of this magnitude.”