Fort Lauderdale, FL

Quantum Marine Stabilizers Launches the NEW Rack & Pinion “R Series”

Quantum pushes the status quo again with the new "R Series," a refined rack and pinion actuator, designed to maximize the performance of fixed and XT™ Fins.




Quantum Marne Stabilizers, one of the world’s leading marine stabilization pioneers, announced today that it has launched an innovative new rack and pinion actuator, the “R Series.” This launch follows the successful deployment and service history of the MAGLift™ Rotor, which provides superb stabilization at loitering and zero speed™ operations.

The new rack and pinion “R Series” was engineered and refined through the use of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and independent model testing, offering existing and new customers a system with significant operational advantages.

Rack & Pinion Actuator Video

Improved performance and design

  • The fins gain a wider range of motion, improving zero speed performance
  • A more compact footprint compared to traditional hull units
  • Less wear and tear on the stabilizer system and quieter, due to the even distribution of torque on both sides of the gear wheel

Significant savings on maintenance

  • Extended vessel maintenance schedule of 15,000 hour for main bearing replacement
  • The hydraulic cylinders can be rebuilt in place. This is a significant benefit compared to typical cylinder replacements that involve removing the heavy cylinders from inside the vessel

Safety features

  • An automated, mechanical locking pin and a manual locking pinto support maintenance operations and any emergency situations
  • Rapid acting relief valves protect the hull unit and hydraulic system should the vessel encounter any unexpected impact, broaching or slamming loads

The new “R Series” is ideal for both new-build applications as well as refits. To learn more, visit or view the Rack and Pinion Video