Crystal City, Washington D.C.

Quantum attends the 2022 Surface Navy Association Symposium

The team at Quantum Marine Stabilizers were delighted to attend the recently held 2022 Surface Navy National Symposium. The US navy event took place over three days in Washington D.C., offering us the opportunity to educate and inform decision-makers within the military defense industry on the benefits of marine stabilizers in a military application.

US Navy current events; the Surface Navy Association Symposium 2022

The Surface Navy Association National Symposium is considered one of the most influential professional development and networking opportunities in the defense community, showcasing how the Surface Force is a critical element of security and national defense in an era of great power competition.

Now in its 34th year, the Surface Navy Association Symposium 2022 attracted key decision-makers in the military, industry and Congress, including a mix of high-ranking naval and coast guard leadership, military suppliers, and crew.

This year’s US navy event attracted more than 3,000 attendees and some 80 exhibitors. The symposium offered a busy schedule spanning three days, including educational seminars, roundtables, keynote speeches, and receptions.


Quantum Marine Stabilizers for military application 

Our team had the opportunity to discuss the benefits of marine stabilizers with key decision-makers, including the advantages to personnel safety and productivity.

Katie Ross, Quantum’s business development manager, explained that attending events like the Surface Navy Association Symposium 2022 offers Quantum a unique opportunity to showcase our products to this esteemed audience and reveal the “life-saving” benefits in a military application. 

“The paradigm is shifting with a heightened awareness of the importance of marine stabilization,” Ross said.  “We are often told that marine stabilizers haven’t been needed in the past, or there isn’t the budget, but the fact remains that the advantages far outweigh the corresponding costs.” 

She added: “Our state-of-the-art marine stabilizers give naval forces across the world the ability to perform their duties including rescue missions, helicopter landings and underway refueling among others, at a higher sea state and more safely.  Additional benefits include minimized lost man-hours due to seasickness, reduced onboard injuries caused by a rolling vessel, and an increased operational schedule, reducing downtime due to weather and sea conditions.”  

Since 1985, Quantum has pioneered the world’s most advanced marine stabilizing technologies, serving the luxury yacht, commercial, and military industries. 

Zero Speed™ technology first came to market in the year 2,000. Several navies worldwide quickly recognized the many benefits of this technology, with many adopting the technology with great success. For more than 20 years, Quantum has served the US Coast Guard, Navy, and more than 18 international navies. Quantum is an approved vendor and fully complies with all the regulating military entities. 

We look forward to attending the 2023 Surface Navy Association Symposium as well as other key US navy current events. Contact us today to learn more about our cutting-edge marine stabilizers.