Quantum Marine Stabilizers Signs First Dyna-Foil™

Quantum Marine Stabilizers is pleased to announce the first contract for the latest innovation, Dyna-Foil™. This patented system, offers a fully retractable, dual purpose system, effective for both Zero Speed™ and underway. Many systems offer both capabilities, but typically performance is stronger for one function over the other. Dyna-Foil™ is designed for peak performance at zero speed through to high speed demands. The foil is a high aspect, articulating fin for superior roll stabilization.

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The hydraulics to run the system use two QP60A submersible power units. The submersible design boasts a 50% noise reduction over a conventional unit. Cooling of the system is via two dual-pass, dedicated saltwater heat exchangers that are mounted in the oil reservoir. These submersible power packs are scheduled to ship in September 2019.

The new system will be installed on the MY FREEDOM, a 70m Benetti refit, where all of the work is being performed in the US. The year-long refit, will be completed at the end of 2019 and is being managed by industry expert, Craig Tafoya.

The project involves the removal of the original stabilizers and replacing them with the new Dyna-Foil™ system. Ironically, the original hydraulic unit is the same size as the new QP60A, yet the new unit delivers three times the hydraulic power! The additional power is required to run the stabilizers at zero speed. The system also includes the latest SMC4000 controller and a consolidated hydraulic panel where the single unit integrates the accumulators, manifolds, hand pump, hydraulic piping and electrical cabinet, representing a significant space saver.

John Allen, President & CEO of Quantum states, “Developing a system that has all-speed capabilities, is smaller in size and weight than a traditional stabilizer and is fully retractable—is a home run! I am very proud of the team for designing a system with such comprehensive features. This is a package that no other stabilizer system can offer today!”