Quantum Marine Stabilizer Control Systems

Quantum’s stabilizer controls are specially designed to optimize roll reduction. Each Quantum control system automatically senses changes in the ship’s motions and sends adaptive, real-time instructions to the Stabilizer System.

Optimal roll control without over or under-correcting requires stabilizer controls configured for each Quantum system an the exact requirements. Quantum’s controls can be configured for all the systems: Underway and ZeroSpeed applications, conventional fin stabilizers (XT Fins™), MAGLift™ (Magnus Effect) rotary stabilizers, and Dyna-Foil™ retractable stabilizers. Each Quantum stabilizer control package consists of a main control and interface, a local control module, and a roll sensor.



ARC (Adaptive Roll Control) 

Quantum’s conventional control is the ARC (Adaptive Roll Control) series of stabilizer controls. The ARC3000 series of stabilizer controls is comprised of several units that are designed for specific stabilizer applications:

  • ARC3000 for conventional underway fin stabilization
  • ARC3001 for underway and Zero Speed fin and XT fin stabilization
  • ARC3002 for underway and Zero Speed MAGLift rotary stabilization

The ARC series of controllers feature a single unit housing the main control circuitry and the operator interface. The compact design makes this unit ideal for retrofit applications. In addition, the traditional push-buttons and knobs on the ARC controllers provide direct and immediate feedback of overall system condition and performance.

The video below provides an overview of operation of our most popular ARC control model: the ARC3001.

Limited operation of the ARC control is accessible via Quantum’s RCU (Remote Control Unit). Two RCU units are currently available: the RCU3000 (for connection to ARC3000 controls), and the RCU3001 (for connection to ARC3001 controls). The RCUs offer the possibility to transition between stabilizer modes, view stabilizer fin activity, and view or silence main fin system alarms.

SMC (Ship Motion Control)

Quantum’s modern control is the SMC (Ship Motion Control) control system. The SMC stabilizer controls consists of a control box, containing necessary control boards and circuitry, and a touch screen operator interface. The program logic for the SMC control is custom-designed for the application and communication for the SMC ship motion control system is via ethernet. This combination allows for maximum system feedback to the operator. In addition, the touchscreen can be completely blacked-out to minimize disturbances for night operations.

The separation of the control box and operator touch-screen allows for flexibility in installation. The control box, the bulkier of the two items, is recommended for installation in the engine room. This leaves the contemporary touch screen to be mounted in the bridge space, with only 24V and ethernet power connections required.


The output from the main stabilizer control is directed to a local control module positioned near each stabilizer unit. The local control module compares the activities of its corresponding stabilizer unit with the activity required by the main control, to ensure any deviations are promptly corrected. Quantum offers three local stabilizer control modules: FCM (Fin Control Module), ECM (Effector Control Module), and RCM (Rotor Control Module).

FCM (Fin Control Module)

Quantum’s conventional local control module is the FCM. The FCM is a compact stabilizer control unit designed to automatically accommodate for variation in actual and required activities, with little or no user interaction required.

ECM (Effector Control Module)

The ECM performs the same duties as the FCM. However, the ECM stabilizer controls offer increased processing power, allowing integration of additional control features, a local display, and ethernet connectivity.