The Evolution of Quantum Controls

Over the last two decades, there have been incredible advancements to the hydrodynamic design of Quantum’s fins and rotors, but beyond those innovations, the breakthroughs in the control technology has been extraordinary. The controls are the “brains” or proprietary algorithm that automatically senses changes in the ship’s motion and sends adaptive, real-time signals to the stabilizer system. It then uses that data, along with Quantum’s proprietary software, to determine and direct the optimal fin activity to reduce the roll of the vessel. There are many factors that influence the commands or the movement directives: wave pattern, roll period, vessel speed, metacentric height (GM), gross tonnage (GT) and hull design/profile – to name a few!

In order to optimize the roll damping, each stabilizer controller must be configured for the type of system and the intended function:

  • Underway and Zero Speed™
  • Conventional and XT™ Fins
  • MAGLift™ Rotors
  • Dyna-Foil™ Retractables
  • Pitch Control

Each stabilizer control package includes the following:

  • main control and interface
  • local control module
  • roll sensor