Underway Stabilizers

Quantum underway stabilizer systems reduce vessel roll, making your voyage comfortable. Fighting roll and motion sickness detracts from any passage, increases crew fatigue and discomfort, and sends guests ashore.  Quantum anti-roll, underway stabilizer fins are the most technologically advanced and proven way to stabilize your vessel underway.

Quantum stabilizer systems are quiet, powerful, dependable, and provide maximum roll reduction in the wide variety of sea conditions vessels encounter. Our fully electronic controls, both the ARC and SMC series, provide adaptive logic for true ‘set-and-forget’ performance, constantly measuring vessel attitude and sea conditions.

Underway stabilizer systems rely on our QuietPack™ hydraulic power systems. The fin and actuator assemblies, and power packs, are sized for each vessel by our engineers to insure maximum roll reduction for each specific installation. Seven standard actuator assemblies, and six XT™ actuator assemblies, combine with hundreds of fin configurations to insure each system performs to the highest potential on each vessel.

Quantum support and service, available worldwide, reflects Quantum’s commitment to total customer satisfaction. Our reputation for service excellence remains the highest in the industry.

Quantum ship stabilizers for underway include:

  • QC Series systems- hydraulically operated and electronically controlled fin stabilizers.
  • MAGLift™ – rotating cylinders generate lift proportional to the direction and speed of rotation, providing exceptional roll reduction at anchor and at lower speeds, and retract while at higher speed.
  • XT Fins™ – extend to increase fin area for maximum performance at anchor, and retract within themselves while underway.
  • Dyna-Foil™ – new dual purpose fully retractable ship stabilizer system that provides exceptional roll reduction

Quantum stabilizers can be specified as an underway only stabilization system or with Zero Speed™ capability.