QP50V Hydraulic
Power Unit

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QP50V is a compact hydraulic power unit (HPU) complete with one submersible 30kW / 50hp electric motor, close coupled to a variable displacement pump and vertically mounted in the oil reservoir. Also available in 30kW / 40hp.

The QP50V is a single function, self-contained hydraulic power unit, specifically designed for the operation of stabilizing systems equipped for Zero Speed™ applications. Quantum has tailored this HPU for either single or dual pressure configurations. Cooling is via one dual pass, salt water heat exchanger mounted in the oil reservoir.

The QP50V power unit features a consolidated configuration, where the hydraulic pump sits submerged inside of the tank and the motor directly mounts to the stainless steel oil reservoir with associated gauging and sensors, as well as return filtration and oil cooler.  The QP50V is the highest power to footprint ratio of any Quantum unit.

Key advantages of the
QP50V Hydraulic Power Unit


Simple Installation

The QP50V is designed to incorporate maximum hydraulic function within a single “plug and play” assembly. Thus, straight-forward connections for mechanical installation, as well as hydraulic and cooling pipe work are at the heart of the QP50V design.


The power unit only draws the minimum power necessary to operate the hydraulic components on demand, thus reducing the load on the vessel’s electrical power and cooling systems.

Minimal noise

To minimize structural borne noise, the power unit is fitted with two independent mounting systems for reciprocating components and to minimize hydraulic ripple in the discharge oil. A hydraulic noise suppressor is attached directly at the pressure manifold to minimize the hydraulic noise in the pipes. The QP50V is 50% quieter than a conventional unit.


The compact design of the QP50V requires much less paint than an ordinary HPU minimizing the environmental impact during production. The internal location of the pump allows for a lower risk of leaks occurring outside of the power pack and impacting surrounding areas. This unit can be configured to support environmentally friendly hydraulic oils.


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  • Local control with touchscreen
  • Manifold with hydraulic dampener and manual override
  • Anti- vibration ring between motor and tank
  • Internal oil cooler for minimizing footprint

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