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About the Feadship shipyard

Feadship offers the very best of Dutch craftsmanship as it creates bespoke luxury superyachts. Working in close partnership with owners from around the world, Feadship constantly strives to redefine perfection, embracing the latest technological and environmental advances, construction methods and hyper-modern design tools. As the famous motto suggests, “There are yachts, and there are Feadships”, with each created entirely to her owner’s wishes. 

Feadship’s four yards in Aalsmeer, Amsterdam, Kaag and Makkum build these fully custom superyachts up to 160 metres in length. A dedicated refit division offers everything from engine room upgrades to extensions and new interiors. All owners and captains have access to the global Feadship Service Network while a Feadship Certificate of Authenticity is the ultimate proof that a Feadship truly remains a Feadship in every respect.  


The history of the Feadship shipyard

Feadship was established in 1949 as a partnership between leading players in the yachting sector in the Netherlands, and the name is an acronym for First Export Association of Dutch Shipbuilders. As such it has a family-firm heritage dating back well into the 1800s, with both De Vries and Van Lent shipyards having been given the designation ‘royal’ as they marked over a century of excellence. The group’s third member is De Voogt Naval Architects, which includes the first-class designers from Studio De Voogt. 

Having been originally founded in order to bring Dutch quality to the American market, Feadship has grown into a global powerhouse over the decades with a unique brand status that ensures each Feadship maintains an exceptional resale value. 


Iconic Feadship yachts

Delivered in 2021, VIVA is one of the latest Feadships. This groundbreaking eco-friendly 94-metre Feadship has an advanced hybrid propulsion system and a hull purposefully engineered and designed to be as ecient as possible. Amongst her many features are at-anchor marine stabilizers, an internal elevator, a cinema, and state-of-the-art waste treatment plant and heat recovery systems. Her 14-metre beam enables VIVA to accommodate large tenders, and at the time of her launch, she had the longest hull doors built by Feadship to date.

Perhaps one of the most iconic Feadships of all time is the all-aluminium Venus, commissioned by Apple co-founder Steve Jobs before his death in 2011 and subsequently launched in 2012. Designed by Jobs and Phillipe Starck, the yacht’s uniqueness lies in her minimalist look, reminiscent of an Apple product, with straight lines and 90-degree angles, a low-slung superyacht structure made entirely of glass and exquisite stainless-steel details. All her radar and satellite equipment is hidden, creating one of the sleekest superyachts on the planet.

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